Frequently asked questions

Wedding queries

How will you know what sort of wedding reception we want?
I will have a meeting with you a few weeks before the day and we will go through exactly what you want and draw up a plan. I will help you with timings and give advice on what will work bearing in mind the number of guests and reception venue and time. I have many years' experience with both large and small weddings and can offer useful advice.

Does a Toastmaster make speeches?
A toast master will introduce those who are making the speeches, he doesn't make speeches himself, just announcements to make sure that your guest are informed of proceedings.

Will we have to stick to the traditional way for doing things? We don't want it to be too formal.
It is your day and you decide exactly how you want the day to go. I will endeavour to make sure that all goes according to the plan that we have agreed on. The reception can be very informal, it is up to you!

Can we have the speeches at the beginning, my fiance is very nervous?
During our planning meeting we can discuss this and the practicalities of doing things differently. I have worked at several weddings where this has been done. I am also able to offer some advice about nerves, speeches and formal occasions.

If we aren't having speeches do we still need a toastmaster?
The toastmaster does a lot more on the day than just introduce speeches. From making sure that everything is ready to keeping the guests informed, he ensures that everything runs to time and just as you want it.

What if we want to make changes the week before?
You will have my contact details and just need to let me know so that I can accomodate last  minute changes and make sure the day still runs smoothly.

How long do you stay?
I arrive at least an hour before you and will stay until the wedding breakfast finishes or, in some cases, until the first dance. This will all be agreed beforehand. During the wedding reception I am close at hand at all times.

Can I book you for the year after next?
Please do, I have several bookings for 2016 already.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
There is a small non-refundable deposit to reserve the booking.

What heppens if you are already booked on the date that we give you?
I will do my best to find another toastmaster who can help you. I belong to a wide network of toastmasters throughout this area.

Other event queries

We haven't had an auction at our Ball in the past, what do we do?
I will spend time with you discussing your fundraising ideas and will be able to suggest some others to help you to raise as much money as possible. I have a lot of experience with auctions.

Our event is large, will you be able to manage 300 people?
I have officiated at events both large and small from 35 to 1500 people.

Are you able to stay until the end?
I will always arrange a start and finish time with you prior to the event. Often the hosts will want me to announce the amount raised at the end of a fundraising evening.

 For any other queries please contact me